“One Rupee a day can...”

Connect everyone with everything

Through the simple act of contributing `1 a day, we can bring FREE Wi-Fi Internet to most remote communities and strengthen our nations' social & economic development.


Lets Enrich Education

Let us together open the door to learning resources with FREE Wi-Fi Internet to children in all communities who lack access to formal education, regardless of their income status or location.


Lets Elevate Entrepreneurs

Let us together enrich entrepreneurs with FREE Wi-Fi Internet to help them acquire professional development, education, technology, networks and capital needed to succeed.


Lets Empower Women

Let us together equip women with FREE Wi-Fi Internet to improve their self-confidence, maximizing their entrepreneurial potential, improve their socio-economic status and empowering them to become self-reliant.


Lets Raise Awareness

Let us together improve lives with FREE Wi-Fi Internet to address community safety, lower crime rates, bridge the gap of emergency response times and fill an unmet need for a socially responsible community.


Lets Facilitate Health Care

Let us together enhance the delivery of health care with FREE Wi-Fi Internet to better connect people to their health care providers, facilitate remote care, access to information and help lower costs.

Lets bring Internet beyond Walls and Wires

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    Together, with FREE Wi-Fi Internet we release streams of hope for lives in most remote communities of India.

  • Wi-Fi Locations

    We plan to create FREE Wi-Fi hotspots for those who don't have access to all that the Internet provides.

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    We put the power of FREE Wi-Fi Internet into hands around remote areas to help drive social development.

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Spread the Word !

Let us together share the cause with generous people like you doing one good deed a day.