Rise of the free wi-fi revolution

Onerupeeworks.com is a cause-driven organization dedicated to bring FREE Wi-Fi Internet for everyone.

At onerupeeworks.com, we firmly believe that the Internet must be available, affordable, and relevant as a platform for social and economic development of our nation.

In order to reach that vision, we maximize the use of a broad range of techniques, applications, and technology. Moreover, we minimize the risks and challenges to amplify FREE Wi-Fi, its growth, deployment, and sustainability.

Unconnected become connected

A method of building FREE Wi-Fi connectivity that is accessible and offers proven, cost-effective and replicable results. We work to keep it this way.

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  • Contribute

    Contributions are received from generous people like you who give `1 each day, a range of NGO's, non-profit agencies, other private sector companies, and more.

  • Determine

    As soon as the estimated funds are available. We determine to make a 'Wireless City'; subsequently extending the coverage of FREE Wi-Fi throughout the population of our nation.

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  • Survey

    Before the Wi-Fi hotspots are deployed, the city is surveyed to address feasibility, demand for services, legal challenges, barriers to connectivity; cost of equipment, devices, and services

  • Deploy

    Once the above challenges are met. Ubiquitous, reliable, and sustainable Wi-Fi hotspots are deployed.

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  • Maintain

    Post deployment, we ensure both capacity and coverage needs are met; scale new deployment, and facilitate smooth operation.