Internet for everyone

Today there are more than 126 crore people in India, out of which only 36 crore access the Internet; we believe FREE Wi-Fi will be instrumental in bringing the remaining who have never been online.

Wi-Fi does not just liberate us from the constraints of a wired connection or mobile network coverage, but it could offer hundreds of millions around the nation their only, or primary, means of accessing the Internet.

Wifi usage

Improving lives of people everywhere!

FREE Wi-Fi will provide significant benefits to users, many of which are readily apparent, others of which we can still only imagine.

Helping farmers grow their crops

Helping entrepreneurs reach new consumers

Helping women improve their socio-economic status

Helping children access quality educational content

Helping track fitness or enable remote diagnostics

Helping people with disabilities gain accessibility

and countless other activities, truly mark the impact of FREE Wi-Fi.

Starting with low rates, we believe the growth rate in FREE Wi-Fi adoption will result in a significant penetration, suggesting a very optimistic outlook in most remote regions of our nation.